Cook: Occupational Certificate: NQF Level 4

This qualification has been developed for Cooks in the Hospitality and Catering industry. It brings together theoretical, practical and workplace elements of food preparation and service. It aims to improve the standards of services, growth and development of the industry as well as to provide possibilities of self employment for potential food vendors. This qualification also provides for a direct pathway from entry as a Cook to qualifying as a Chef. It has two part qualifications that create a vertical pathway to cook, namely Kitchen Hand and Food Handler. A clear career pathway exists between Cook and Chef and once qualified as a Cook, provide the opportunity to study further for the Chef qualification, even at a later stage. Qualifying learners with sufficient working experience might also get promotion for further career advancement.

Methods of Assessment: Theory, Practical, and Workplace
Knowledge Modules Number Of Credits: 57
Practical Modules Number Of Credits: 48
Workplace Modules Number Of Credits: 79
Total Number Of Credits: 184
Final Method of Assessment: External Trade Test
Programme Delivery: Contact

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